Palworld Xbox Limits Co-Op; Steam Expands

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However, the cooperative experience on Xbox is currently more restricted.

'Pokémon With Guns' survival game Palworld has gained significant popularity on Steam, allowing up to 32 players to create and join dedicated servers in the same world, fostering collaborative guilds.

Pocketpair expressed a desire to have dedicated servers on Xbox but mentioned challenges in negotiations, emphasizing their efforts to address this limitation.

According to developer Pocketpair in the Palworld Discord, players on Xbox or PC through Game Pass or the Microsoft Store cannot create or join dedicated servers, limiting online co-op to 2-4 players.

With 318,000 accounts flagged as playing simultaneously, Palworld ranks as the third most popular game on Steam.

The absence of dedicated servers on Xbox is a setback for Palworld on the platform, especially considering its success on Steam, where it has reached impressive concurrent player numbers.

Efforts are underway to enable crossplay and facilitate a shared gaming experience between the two platforms.

Initially, Xbox players can only engage in cooperative play among themselves and not with Steam users.

Official servers managed by Pocketpair further enhance the multiplayer experience. The goal is to achieve platform parity, providing Xbox players with an equivalent experience to their Steam counterparts in the near future.

In Palworld's multiplayer setup on Steam, players can enjoy four-player co-op by starting a multiplayer game and inviting friends.

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