Solving iPhone's Server Identity Error

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If you're encountering the error, start with a simple restart of your iPhone. Often, minor issues in the email app can be resolved with a restart. Additionally, make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS version. Apple may have addressed the bug causing this error in the most recent update.

1. Restart and Update iPhone

Network conflicts might disrupt email syncing. To address this, update the iOS carrier settings. Navigate to Settings → General → About, and follow on-screen instructions to update the carrier settings. This step can resolve network-related issues affecting your email.

2. Update iOS Carrier Setting

In-app errors could contribute to the server identity error. Perform a force restart of the Mail app to potentially resolve these issues. Close the Mail app, and restart it. Force close the app using gestures; the method may vary based on your iPhone model.

3. Force Restart the Mail App

Certain server identity issues necessitate removing and re-adding your email account. Deleting and adding the account doesn't affect your data; it simply unlinks and relinks the account. Head to Settings → Mail → Accounts to delete, then add your email account again under Settings → Mail → Accounts → Add Account.

4. Remove Your Account and Add It Again

If the issue persists, a more drastic solution is a factory reset. Before proceeding, ensure you back up your iPhone, as a factory reset erases all data. After the reset, set up your iPhone as new, and during email setup, ensure correct credentials and settings. This step is effective in addressing persistent server identity errors.

5. Factory Reset iPhone

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