Tech CEO's Shocking On-Stage Tragedy

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The event was organized to celebrate the software company's silver jubilee, with approximately 700 attendees present.

A tragic incident unfolded at a Vistex company event in India, leading to the death of Chicago-area tech CEO Sanjay Shah and severe injuries to company president Raju Datla.

Shah passed away at the hospital, while Datla remains in critical condition with a severe head injury.

The accident occurred when both men, inside a suspended cage, fell onto the stage as the chain supporting the cage broke on one side.

The New York Post revealed that the cage's instability contributed to the tragic outcome.

During the accident, music was playing, and Shah and Datla were reportedly waving to their staff as they were being lowered.

The authorities are currently conducting an investigation into the incident, as reported by The New York Post. In remembrance of the CEO and company president, Vistex lowered its company flag to half-staff.

Vistex, a company founded by Shah in 1999, operates as an advisory service provider with clients that include major names like Coca-Cola and GM.

PEOPLE has sought comment from Vistex, and the community mourns the loss of Sanjay Shah while hoping for Raju Datla's recovery.

The tragic event casts a somber shadow over the silver jubilee celebration, highlighting the unexpected and devastating turn of events.

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