Unlock Palworld Tech Points: Purpose Revealed

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These points are essential for unlocking special Ancient recipes, vital for survival in specific biomes and enhancing your Base level.

Palworld Ancient Technology Points become crucial after facing your first boss.

exclusively obtained by confronting bosses in the open world.

In Palworld, defeating various Pals yields different resources, and Ancient Technology Points are among the rarest,

The Rayne Syndicate Tower, marked on the map with a visible beam of light, offers five Ancient Technology Points when the boss is defeated.

To acquire Ancient Technology Points in Palworld, focusing on bosses at Syndicate Towers is the most effective method.

Engaging them requires strong weapons and Pals for a successful encounter.

Additionally, Pal Bosses roaming the open world, such as high-leveled versions of common Pals, offer Ancient Technology Points.

Displayed as purple bars, they unlock special recipes like the Mega Grappling Gun and the Average Feed Bag.

These acquired Ancient Technology Points serve a crucial purpose in Palworld's Technology menu.

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