Becoming a certified Cloud Practitioner is the goal of many IT specialists who want to enhance their career and succeed in it. Therefore, Amazon offers the industry recognized certificate that you can obtain to validate your expertise in Cloud. If you hold this certification, you will be able to show that you have the required knowledge that is necessary for the demonstration of your solid understanding of AWS Cloud.

To earn the Examsnap Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate, you need to pass the CLF-C01 exam. Before you go for this test, it is important to know its details and topics covered in its content to be ready for the exam questions and be sure in your result.

What should you know about Amazon CLF-C01?

Amazon AWS Certification is a 90-minute test that contains 65 questions that should be cleared by the potential candidates within the allocated time. The items will be presented in the multiple-choice or multiple-response formats. The exam is available for taking in different languages, including Simplified Chinese, Indonesian (Bahasa), English, Korean, and Japanese.

Also, you are required to choose the delivery method that you want to use during this certification test. Thus, you can go for the online proctored version of the exam or take it at any testing center. For any of the options, you will need to pay $100 during the registration process.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

What topics are covered in Amazon CLF-C01?

To get the passing score, which is 700 points, you need to have a good understanding of the exam topics and all the details they cover. Thus, the test includes the following domains that you need to study for:

  • Cloud Concepts (26%) – This topic is all about AWS Cloud and its value proposition, aspects of AWS Cloud economics, and principles of Cloud architecture design. This means that you should have knowledge of the role of capital or operational expenses and have the skills in implementing elasticity in Cloud vs. on-premises;
  • Security & Compliance (25%) – In this area, it is important to know about the capabilities of AWS access management and be able to identify them as well as know about the AWS Cloud security & compliance concepts. An interested individual should also have an understanding of the resources for security support and know how to identify them;
  • Technology (33%) – The next domain covers the details of the AWS global infrastructure, methods of deploying & operating in AWS Cloud, and core AWS services. You need to have the skills in identifying the resources for technology support as well;
  • Billing & Pricing (16%) – The last objective is about the resources that are available for billing support as well as various account structures that are related to AWS pricing & billing. The students also need to know about various pricing models for .


To have a positive outcome during this qualifying test, you need to possess some prior knowledge, so it is important to gain it from the topics and learn the skills they cover. If you prepare with great deliberation, you will be ready to answer any question and will eventually obtain the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. So, explore every aspect of the exam and open up new horizons before you!


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